Find talent

KMC have the ability to source talent worldwide for your organisation. We know that to find the right person for your business our reach has to be extensive. We have access to over 500,000 specialists located across the globe and this list is growing every day.

Understanding our client is very important to us – in terms of your type of business, current and future projects, company culture, preferences in candidates backgrounds and experience. This helps us view the candidates we speak to through your eyes and enables us to sell them your company confidently.

This defines our search and selection methods for finding your next member of staff who will be the right match in every way.

Our aim is to deliver on our promises and wherever we can, exceed on our clients expectations.

KMC partner with our clients to add value

We know that for most organisations recruitment is a very time consuming and arduous task. KMC appreciate this and our goal is to take this burden from you and act as an extension of your company to deliver only the best, pre qualified candidates, thus saving you time on searching, advertising and eliminating the time spent reviewing unnecessary CVs.

KMC go through a rigorous pre interview with each candidate that can be tailored to each of our clients specific requirements before presenting them, offering to you right from the outset as much information as possible about their experience and skills.
The provision of this information helps our clients make informed decisions on whether this person is likely to be the right fit before deciding on whether or not to take the time to interview the candidate. We appreciate that there are many aspects to consider when making a new addition to your team

Rest assured that we are not another CV sending service.

KMC have the ethos of quality over quantity. We take a great deal of pride in what we do and our business is built on our reputation as a company whose service really adds value to your organisation.

We have access to the candidates that are not on the job boards and we have the skills and resources to attract those high calibre individuals to join your organisation.

We exhaust every resource and continue until we complete the recruitment project assigned to us.

We like to exceed on your expectations wherever possible.

Our aim is to be the recruitment consultancy both clients and candidates have at the forefront of their mind when the need arises.

Please request our capability statement for more information on these services

Permanent Recruitment

Sourcing permanent staff for your business requires a specific type of approach involving core industry knowledge and a true understanding of your business and vision so we can target and place the right people in your business.

We have experienced permanent consultants with the capability to source talent at all levels from Graduates right up to Directors across all disciplines. Please see KMC Executive for your top end requirements £100K and upwards.

We employ a variety of approaches to sourcing the right candidates not just the most available or active job seekers.

Our pre-screening interviews aid in making sure that not only is the candidate a good fit for your organisation but that your organisation is also a good fit for the candidate from location / projects / ethos / salary packages, all aspects that can make a permanent placement stumble at the last hurdle.

We build a strong relationship with both client and candidates throughout the entire recruitment process to be on hand to address any potential concerns or issues and ensure that the process runs smoothly.

We find that helping with the resignation process helps immensely as this is a very pressured time for a candidate and they can be susceptible to counter offers which we always try to avoid.

KMC 6 Stage recruitment process

Stage 1: Receive full concise brief from client
Stage 2: Search and Selection of candidates
Stage 3: Pre-screening of suitable candidates / Reference checks
Stage 4: shortlist presentation
Stage 5: Interview face to face or telephone
Stage 6: Candidate employment

Full suite of solutions within our search and selection:

We can provide staffing services in a variety of ways:

  • Permanent Recruitment
  • Contingency Recruitment
  • Retained / Headhunt Recruitment
  • Project Direct Hire
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Reference and Qualification Checks

Please request or capability statement for more information on these services.

Contract Recruitment

Sourcing the contractor roles you have, requires a different approach than when finding permanent staff. However aspects that are always important are core industry knowledge and a true understanding of your business and projects so we can target and place the right contractor into your business to fulfil your current project needs.

Our experienced contractor consultants have the capability to source contractors across multiple disciplines and levels.

We apply a variety of approaches to sourcing you the right contractor.
Our pre-screening of contractors and proactive contact with them helps us stay ahead and have readily available the best talent for your projects.

We maintain contact with the candidate through the entire recruitment process to make sure nothing changes and to fire fight any problems if needed. We find that given as a contractor can have several options at any one time, our strong relationships with them help avoid any last minute issues.

As always candidates must meet your chosen criteria so we don’t waste your time by sending any that don’t.

If you need a team of contractors please see our campaign solutions for multiple hires.

For more details on what KMC can offer please request one of our capability statements.

KMC Executive Search

For salaries and packages of £100,000 upwards.

KMC Executive search are on hand to uncover those hard to find Senior to Director level appointments for your business.

To help you in this search KMC will provide a dedicated and experienced headhunt consultant to execute a comprehensive headhunting strategy tailored specifically to your needs. We will find you the right candidate even if they are not currently looking by approaching the best of best to present your career opportunity and your business to them and helping you to get on board those candidates who otherwise you may not have had access to – those who are not necessarily right now looking at their next career move but who with a little guidance from KMC can be made aware what the future can hold for them with a move to your organisation.

Reasons for using KMC Executive search

Outsourcing to KMC will remove the time consuming and labour intensive work that goes into generating these hard to find Senior appointments allowing you to carry on with what is important to your business.

KMC are experts and already have a vast network of contacts at Senior - Executive levels allowing us to reach out and identify the expertise needed for your appointment.

We tailor the search specifically to your needs and business, we know that every vacancy is different and should treated as such. Researching, identifying and contacting these high level candidates and then presenting you with the right talent is fundamentally the value of our service. We save you time and simply present you with the best of the best.

How we execute or Executive search and selection

We use a thorough 10 stage system to identify the best senior exec profiles for your business:

  1. Office visit: to get full understanding of your company culture and role
  2. Full assignment brief: We get to know exactly what you are looking for both technically and personally.
  3. Competitor Research: Identify target companies and their high calibre individuals that are suitable for your role. You then approve from a submitted shortlist.
  4. Approach: Discreet pre-screening to establish experience, interest and suitability to your role.
  5. Interview: Perform a thorough competency based interview.
  6. Vetting: Reference checks and perform psychometric tests.
  7. Shortlist: Successfully Vetted candidates for you to interview.
  8. Final Interviews: Arrange interviews, we fully prepare the candidate.
  9. Offer and Acceptance: Assist in negotiations for salary package and start date.
  10. Resignation: Coach candidate through handing notice and throughout notice period.

KMC Global Campaign

KM'’s Staff have experience in large recruitment campaigns for major organisations on a global scale.

Staffing from 2 candidates to 50 for a single or multiple projects.

  • A bespoke solution to suit the clients individual needs for the number of vacancies within a set time to deliver.
  • 2 – 50 hires
  • Clear talent requisition solution with reports
  • Salary / Rate benchmarking
  • Global reach to over 500,000 specialists
  • Advertising / Mail shots for all positions
  • Headhunting for specialist positions
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Advert response / filtering
  • Pre- interviews
  • Interview location arrangements
  • Reference and qualification checks

Or please contact us for more information on how can help you specifically via